Wow...this is amazing. I can't believe how much this site has grown. I remember the days when the only thing we had was Don Miguel's forum. We used to rely on that to learn to use FM. And even then not many people knew how. We've grown so much since then. With MagLauncher's excellent tutorial...anyone can now use FM. And then we only had 4-5 characters. Thanks to Mirage, we got everthing we could dream of. These two are just a few contributors to the scene of Fighter Maker. One thing I wanted to do is thank some people.

-ASCII Co. Japan. - Thank you for putting out this incredibly awesome program. Without it this site wouldn't exist.

-Don Miguel, Code_Mason, Lord Chibilot - Thank you guys for translating it.

- MagLauncher, Gama8, Mirage23, JeffHardyfromTheWWF, Punisher2099, and anyone else who I forgot - Just for sticking with this site, and making it the premiere Fighter Maker Community.

- You - Thank you for coming, thank you for choosing Fighter Maker 95. We're glad to have you aboard.

So, what's new to this site? Well, Instead of having this site the "All-Purpose FM site" that I originally hoped for, I decided to make this site a portal for people...they can come here and find other sites, or find the help on our forum. I'm very proud of my forum, and I suggest you all visit it. This is your captain speaking, and signing out with high hopes...


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